We do not suggest the use of link wheels - They are manipulative and not recommended by Google or other search engines.


What is a Link Wheel? Link Wheels Explained



A Guide to Understanding Link Wheels

The Internet and Internet usage has grown exponentially over the last two decades. New content is published daily to the Internet from a variety of individuals and businesses. Many of the websites published to the Internet have similar content, making the competition for visitors to a website challenging. As a result, a number of website publishers try to use manipulative strategies, like link wheels to increase their search engine rankings, visitors and potential customers.

What are Link Wheels?

Link wheels are one of many manipulative strategies used in internet marketing and search engine optimization to attempt to drive visitors to a websites. The target website resembles a hub of a wheel while the other websites form the wheel around it. Each of the outer websites is linked to one another in a circular pattern and each website offers a link to the target website resembling spokes in a wheel.


Site 1 links to Site 2 and back to the “Targeted Web Site”
Site 2 links to Site 3 and back to the “Targeted Web Site”

Site 3 links to Site 4 and back to the “Targeted Web Site”

Site 13 links to Site 14 and back to the “Targeted Web Site”
Site 14 links to Site 15 and back to the “Targeted Web Site”

Site 15 links to Site 1 and back to the “Targeted Web Site”

The “Targeted Web Site” is the website that is trying increase search engine exposure.


Basic Vs. Advanced Link Wheel Techniques


Basic Link Wheel Technique

The basic link wheel a concept comprises of a simple singular wheel created from web 2.0 properties. As you can see below, each web 2.0 property links to the next web 2.0 property forming a link wheel. Each property then has a link to the "Targeted Web Site." This style of link wheel was originally popular before the creation of the advanced link wheel technique.


Link Wheel Basic


Advanced Link Wheel Technique

The advanced link wheel concept is based upon randomization. Firstly there is a mixture of Web 2.0 Properties, Article Submissions and Blog Posts. Secondly there are multiple smaller link wheels or "sets." Thirdly there is a randomized break within every smaller link wheel or set.


Link Wheel Advanced

How Do Link Wheels Work?

In order to understand how link wheels work, it is important to understand how search engines work. When search engines began emerging in the 1990’s, they relied on keywords and Meta tags in the HTML code. When an individual made a search query, the list of results provided to the user was based on keyword matches with the search query. The more relevant keywords on the website, the higher up on the search query list the website was. Many web developers realized the importance of ranking high and some web developers began posting content on their website that was not truly relevant in order to simply rank higher on the list.

Search engines in turn recognized that this would not allow them to properly provide search engine users accurate information and could affect how the user viewed the search engine. Many users were provided a list of search queries with a large number of results that were not truly relevant to the query. To circumvent the abuse of irrelevant keywords to gain higher rankings on search engines, search engine providers now use a mathematical algorithm to calculate how a website will rank on a search engine query.

The mathematical algorithm used to calculate search engine results rankings uses a number of different factors to determine a website’s ranking. Since there are a number of different factors involved, web developers and internet marketers use a method known as search engine optimization to develop and market websites so they rank higher on search engine query lists.

One of the factors used to determine rankings is back links or incoming links to a particular website. This is where link wheels play a role in increasing a website’s number of links - but keep in mind that a large number of low quality links is no longer beneficial - and this is essentially what link wheels do.

What Link Building Techniques Do You Recommend?

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